Charges for Operator Training: Effective October 1, 2016

To help offset the instrument time for training and ensure priority to users that have active research needs, the AARC will implement a modest charge for training. The cost of training is a flat fee per user and depends on the tool. The fees, an outline of what is covered in training and a schedule for training are posted at below. The training will explicitly be for users to learn the safe operation of the instrument. It is not intended to provide theory or solving a specific research need. Once training is complete, the user must demonstrate adequate and safe operation of the tool in the presence of the AARC staff prior to being granted operator status. Failure to do so will result in re-training. Experienced users can request unrestricted access through current AARC policies. As with the current policy, all training is done through the AARC staff. Power users are faculty who contribute more than 150 paid hours of instrument time each year. Power users can have new users trained with no charge for training.

A $50 per hour additional fee applies when staff assistance is required.

Instrument Academic/not-for-profit Commercial Training (academic//commercial)
JEOL 7000 SEM $25/hr $125/hr $100 // $250
ThermoFisher Apreo SEM $30/hr $125/hr $100 // $250
Bruker XRD $15/hr $50/hr $50//$150
FEI TECNAI F20 TEM $30/hr $175/hr $100 // $500
FEI Quanta 200 3D FIB/SEM $30/hr $150/hr $100 // $300
Tescan Lyra XMU FIB-SEM $30/hr $175/hr $100 // $300
Cameca LEAP 5000 $30/hr $175/hr $100 // $500
JEOL 8600 Mircroprobe $20/hr $85/hr $100 // $200
iProto XRD $10/hr $50/hr $50//$150