Gregory Thompson – Director
Telephone: (205) 348-1589
Personal Website
Robert A. Holler – Manager
Telephone: (205) 348-8221
E-mail Rob with questions regarding the Electron Microprobe,  Proto iXRD, and the Bruker XRD.
Johnny Goodwin – Instrumentation Specialist
Telephone: (205) 227-8769
E-mail Johnny with questions regarding Transmission Electron Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy.
Ilias Bikmukhametov – Materials Characterization Specialist
Telephone: (205) 348-0674
E-mail:ibikmukhametov@ua.eduE-mail Ilian with questions regarding the Apreo FE-SEM
Sanghamitra Deb – Materials Characterization Specialist
Telephone: 205-348-9525
Email: sdeb@ua.ed
E-mail San with questions regarding Focused Ion Beam Instruments and external research opportunities