Kratos Axis 165 XPS/Auger


Surface Analysis

The Surface Analysis Laboratory has a Kratos AXIS 165 Multitechnique Electron Spectometer acquired through the NSF Academic Research Infrastructure Grant (DMR-9512264, September 1995). AXIS 165 is equipped with both standard dual (Mg/Al) anode and monochromatic (Al) X-ray sources for XPS analysis and imaging; a 15 keV electron gun for AES analysis and Auger or secondary electron imaging; and a 5 keV ion gun for sputter depth profile, sample surface cleaning and sputter depositon. The electron energy analyzer is a 165 mm mean radius concentric hemispherical analyzer equipped with 8 channeltron detectors. Instrument control, data acquisition and data analysis are performed through the Kratos Vision 1.5 software.