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Rigaku X-Ray Diffraction

The Rigaku XRD can be used for measuring thin films, powders and nano particles.

Philips X-Ray Diffraction

The Philips X’Pert MRP can be used for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray reflection (XRR) measurements. The installed options make it especially suitable for thin films. It is equipped with a Cu anode and a goniometer with cradle, allowing angular movements in 2Theta, Omega, Phi, and Psi, as well as linear positioning in x,y, and z. Line focus and point focus setups are available.

Current location: Bevill 2058.

Proto iXRD

The iXRD from Proto is a dedicated XRD intended for measuring residual stress and retained austenite.  Equipped with both Co and Cr X-ray tubes, the iXRD is capable of handling steel and aluminum materials.  The system is stored in an enclosure and operated remotely via laptop using the XRDWin 2.0 software package, used for data collection as well as stress analysis.


Bruker D8 Discover with GADDS

The Alabama Analytical Research Center houses a Bruker D8 Discover XRD with GADDS. This unit is equipped with a centric Eulerian cradle and a Vantec 500 area detector. This combination gives the Bruker D8 Discover the capability to handle tasks such as phase identification and quantification, textural and residual stress analysis, single crystal diffraction, determination of particle size, percent crystallinity, and structural identification.


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