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Apreo FE-SEM

The Thermo Scientific™ Apreo scanning electron microscope’s (SEM) revolutionary compound lens design combines electrostatic and magnetic immersion technology to yield unprecedented resolution and signal selection. This makes the Apreo SEM the platform of choice for research on nanoparticles, catalysts, powders and nanodevices, without compromising on magnetic sample performance.

The Apreo SEM benefits from the unique in-lens backscatter detection named the Trinity detector system, which provides excellent materials contrast, even at tilt, short working distance, or on sensitive samples. The novel compound lens further improves contrast with energy filtering and adds charge filtering for imaging of insulating samples.

Apreo FE-SEM Basic Training – xT Software and Operation

Basics of Operation

Principles of SEM

JEOL 7000 FE Scanning Electron Microscope


The JEOL 7000 FE SEM is equipped with EDX, WDS, EBSD, SE, BE and TE detectors, plus Nabity E-beam lithography.

Operating Instructions:

Basic Operation (PPT)
Exploring the JEOL Program (PPT)
Intro to Oxford EDX (PPT)
Oxford Channel 5 User Manual (PDF)

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